Leo en Samoa moves to the other side of the world – and misses a day! | Naked Security:

As I write this, it’s 1pm on Friday 30 December 2011 in Sydney. It’s 2pm in Samoa, and 3pm in New Zealand. That sounds pretty convenient, considering that the majority of Samoan expatriates live in New Zealand and Australia, and that the three countries have strong business and sporting ties. Except that it’s only Thursday 29 December in Samoa. Back in 1892, Samoa did quite a bit of trade with Hawaii and California, so it made sense to decide to be twelve hours behind Greenwich, rather than 12 hours ahead. (Hawaii is UTC-10; California is UTC-8 or UTC-7.)


Simply put, there will be no Friday 30 December 2011 in Samoa.

Entiendo las prisas porque las fiestas navideñas acaben pronto, pero esto es llevarlo al extremo…